Retaining tradition

Infanta Lambanog retains the traditional methods of distillation through the use of copper pot stills and using rice hulls and wood as the source of heat. 

Lambanog copper still distillation.jpg

The fire is ignited underneath the Copper still to prepare for coconut palm nectar distillation.

Natural Resources to heat Lambanog distillation

As the fire grows underneath the Copper Still, the raw coconut nectar is prepared

bamboo husk fire under copper bronze still.jpg

 fire is made from all natural resources; dried palm tree branches and bamboo

Lambanog Distiller

The distiller with steady focus as he prepares to pour in the coconut nectar.

distillation of Lambanog

With a steady hand and complete focus, he pours in a batch of prepared raw coconut nectar.

distilling Lambanog spout.jpg

Purity. Crystal clear distilled lambanog made from raw coconut nectar pours out and is further purified by straining.